Testimonials - A New Beginning Fitness

Theresa is everything I looked for in a trainer.  She is awe inspiring and motivating.  She has a huge knowledge base that she incorporates into each of my workouts.  Theresa has shown me what I can be.  She works with my strengths and my weaknesses.  Simply put, she has changed my life.  She now trains my son and me together!"

                                                                         - Cathy Clements, RN

"I feel Theresa is 100% vested in my well being and success.  She makes me feel like more than just a 60 minute appointment in her day.  Her concern for me physically and emotionally is something I have never experienced in a trainer before.  Theresa makes me feel at ease and not self conscious so I can walk into her class and feel like I belong there."

                                                                           – Meghan Marchese

"We often take our health for granted as I did until at age 55 I learned that if I did not change my habits and start to exercise, I would soon have Diabetes.  When I started working out with Theresa, my outlook on exercise and nutrition was transformed.  Walking lunges are now my best friend and much to my amazement, so are the stability ball, dumbbells, step aerobics, and boxing.  I think of Theresa as my Life Coach. She has given me the tools, counseling, and enthusiasm to become a stronger, healthier person."

                                                                                 - Lucy Osterhout

"Theresa has put a bright spot in all of our lives.  She has helped us all feel better about ourselves physically by all of her positive reinforcement, sense of humor, and her wonderful ability to create a fun atmosphere while we all work so hard at improving our bodies and our minds.  She is the best in our book!!"

                                                                                     -Milinda Toma

"I started this program a total beginner and now feel like a million $$$$.     I was honestly waking up every morning with aches and pains in my hips.  Now the only pain I feel is muscle ache after each great workout!!!

                                                                                 -Michele Fleming